Spiritfarer dev unveils next game - a Hades-style co-op action roguelike for 33 players

33 Immortals
(Image credit: Thunder Lotus)

Spiritfarer's developer has revealed its next game, a Hades-style co-op action roguelike for 33 players.

Summer is here again, and, of course, that means we've got a bunch of announcements, reveals, and trailers for some of the most exciting games launching this year and beyond. Today it's the turn of Microsoft, and among the sizzling titles shown at its Xbox Games Showcase 2023 was 33 Immortals, the next game by Spiritfarer developer Thunder Lotus.

It's something of a departure from the cosy management game about dying as 33 Immortals is a top-down action-roguelike featuring fast combat and stunning cel-shaded visuals reminiscent of Supergiant Games' spectacular Underworld escape adventure Hades. Here you'll take part in epic 33-player co-op battles against hordes of monsters and formidable bosses. As the trailer below shows, things are going to get very chaotic.

"You embody a soul who was damned by God," says Thunder Lotus. "Unwilling to take His final judgement standing down, you join a rebellion comprised of 32 other souls fighting to reclaim their eternal lives. Using an arsenal of weapons and relics based on sins & virtues, you'll fight your way out of damnation."

Having previously worked on the Norse mythology-inspired Jotun and gorgeous metroidvania Sundered, this is the developer's first foray into the realm of online multiplayer. With 33 Immortals, it's opted for "punchy co-op roguelike raids" in what it describes as "a radically streamlined re-imagining of the MMO experience".

33 Immortals is coming to Xbox Series X and PC, including Game Pass, and will launch in Early Access in 2024. A public Beta is also scheduled for later this year. 

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