Spike sold on Inside Man 2

Even when you love a film, sometimes you know as a movie fan, they couldn’t squeeze a sequel out of it for love nor money. Well, certainly not for love.

Inside Man was the biggest box office hit of Spike Lee’s career, hoovering up $184 million worldwide and that’s the kind of cash Universal and Imagine Entertainment can’t just stroll away from.

So Lee and Imagine honcho Brian Grazer are currently thrashing out part 2, with the man who scribbled the original, Russell Gewirtz perched at the keyboard and ready to roll.

No word yet on whether any of the original cast are set to return but thinking about it, maybe we’ve been to hasty…

Denzel Washington’s slick cop, Clive Owen’s edgy thief and Jodie Foster’s dangerously sexy troubleshooter… if anyone can bring this crowd back together and make something sweet, our money’s on Spike.

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