Spielberg's Wii game revealed

But now EAhas thrust Boom Blox out into the open, and aside from the horribly trite "down wit' da kidz" spelling of the second word, it actually looks really rather promising. From what we can gleanby squinting at the trailer and applying our finely honed journalistic investigation skills (Read: guessing), it appears to bea Frankensteinian splicing of Jenga, Lego, Domino Rally and Garry's Mod. In other words, itlooks likeyou'll be using bricks with a variety of different properties to build things up and then blast them to pieces. With a slick-looking physics engine and the promise of comprehensive construction tools and online level-sharing, it could turn out to be a hell of a lot of fun, provided there's enough to do.

There's also apparently a mobile version on the way, though given the obvious technical limitations that could turn out to be less fun. Check out the trailerfor the Wii version and see what you think.