Spielberg working with EA

Wednesday 24 May 2006
Electronic Arts has commented on its collaboration with movie director Steven Speilberg, revealing that he really does know a thing or two about games.

Neil Young, vice president and general manager of EA LA, says that Spielberg's in the EA offices most weeks discussing ideas with other creatives. "There's Steven [Spielberg], Doug Church (who's producing his first game), me, a couple of the designers and Ryan Church - who did the walkers for War of the Worlds, so he's worked with Steven before.

"We sit in a room, and we go through the story of the first product and what we really want to centre on, then we take the game features and try to tie all of those things together," Young revealed in an online interview.

Rather than looking towards a film tie-in, Speilberg is working with EA to create new and original property and is said to be well versed in the ways of interactive entertainment.

The director of Jaws and Indiana Jones was seen at this year's E3 getting to grips with Nintendo's Wii, and he's always been known as a big fan of arcade games.

Unfortunately there are no details of what Speilberg has in store for us yet, but we'll be following developments with interest.