Spielberg hunts down 39 Clues

One of these days, someone will have to sit Steven Spielberg down and warn him that if he keeps nabbing possible directing jobs at his current rate, the only way he’ll get to direct them all is if he lives to 378. No one has done that yet – let’s face it, who would? – so his appetite for new material remains unchecked.

The latest set of rights he’s snapped up are for the interactive multimedia project The 39 Clues, which isn’t out yet, but is planned as a series of 10 books whose mystery story expands into cards and an online game which will ultimately lead some lucky young reader to a cash prize of $10,000.

Spielberg apparently thinks the story – which follows a rich matriarch dying and leaving her family a mysterious will that offers them a choice between $1 million and or a clue to the rest of her fortune – will make more than one film. (opens in new tab) Variety is ready to start tracking down the clues .

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