Spielberg and Will Smith to remake Oldboy

Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are in talks to collaborate on a Hollywood remake of Chan Wook-Park’s Oldboy. Seriously people, what the hell?

Spielberg’s company DreamWorks is in the process of securing the rights to the South Korean film and the man who once made E.T is hiring a writer.

The director has been looking to work with Smith for some time, according to Variety .

Source material

In the original 2003 film, a man named Dae-Su is locked in a hotel room without knowing who is imposing the captivity on him, or why. He is released fifteen years later and sent on a journey for revenge.

The film won the Grand Prix at Cannes in 2004 and Quentin Tarantino unsuccessfully tried to convince the jury to award it the Palme d’Or instead Fahrenheit 9/11.

We gave it four stars and said: “A fusion of horror and heartbreak, this revenge tragedy is twisted with ultra-violence and devastating plot swerves. Enjoy - if you can.”

How Spielberg is going to crowbar aliens and suburbia into this, we have no idea.

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