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Spider-Man PS5: Everything we know about a potential sequel

(Image credit: Insomniac Games)

Ever since the release of Insomniac’s magnificent Spider-Man simulator, fans have been clamouring for any news about a potential sequel - which we're currently going to call Spider-Man PS5. With the satisfying swinging and the crunchy combat already figured out, it would make a lot of sense for Insomniac to keep up the momentum and turn their exclusive adventure into a killer franchise. The story even ended on a tantalising cliffhanger, with plenty of stories yet told in the game’s universe. In this article, we’re going to run through the few rumours surrounding the Spider-Man sequel before pinning down our wishlist for the game if it does turn out to be a reality. 

Spider-Man PS5 rumors – Will there be a Marvel's Spider-Man 2? 

(Image credit: Insomniac)

Word on the street about a potential Spider-Man sequel is thin on the ground, though a recent leak posted onto Reddit has set the rumour mill in motion. The leak from user v17447377 should be taken with a serious pinch of salt but outlines a potential narrative for the sequel and even offers a supposed release window of Holiday 2021. The poster’s information from a “source close to Insomniac Games” purports that the open-world will expand to include Brooklyn and Queens and be partially set in Winter. 

According to the leak, the narrative will feature some kind of “cloning” arc and expand the roster of villains to include famous names like “Venom, Green Goblin, Carnage, Mysterio, The Lizard and Cardiac".

Miles Morales’ will also be more important to the story and offer a different style, but Peter Parker will still be the focus of the game. The leak then goes on to claim that there will be a “Diablo esque” dungeon mechanic where players deal with randomised crime encounters. Some interesting claims there - whether they come to fruition is yet to be known. 

Spider-Man PS4 ending: What could it mean for a sequel?

*SPOILERS* (glaze over this section if you’re yet to beat Marvel’s Spider-Man!)

One of the main reasons why a Spider-Man sequel makes so much sense is the original game’s campaign. The Spider-Man PS4 ending is quite the cliffhanger, leaving a series of plot threads that are begging to be picked up by a potential sequel.  

With Doc Ock defeated and the Devil’s Breath virus contained, the ending of the game sets up a few potential future narratives. Doc Ock is done for, but in jail, probably scheming with the Sinister Six. Beyond that, Miles Morales has now been bitten by a mutated spider, which would suggest that he is either going to be playable in the sequel or fully take over the mantle once Peter retires, though Parker’s youth in this timeline may mean this occurs in a later game than this sequel (unless he kicks the bucket!).

There’s also the Osborns, whose story in this universe is much different than the typical comic book tales. Norman Osborn is yet to prove himself to be a nefarious individual - just a bit of a posh git. However, we got a glimpse after the game’s credits of him in a secret lab, looking over a green-tinted bio tube holding his son, Harry Osborn, who was thought to be on his jollies in Europe during the events of the game… so much for that!

This could foreshadow Norman’s descent into Green Goblin-hood, but the tar-like stringy black substance in the tank suggests an extra dynamic to his story. Harry is clearly not well, most likely suffering from the disorder that afflicted his mother. Given that the substance seems to react to his father’s touch, this could be the symbiote, and by proxy, we could be seeing Harry Osborn as Venom instead of the usual Eddie Brock. How exciting!

Potential Spider-Man PS5 Villains

Venom 2 director Andy Serkis

Venom movie still (Image credit: Sony)

As well as the Green Goblin and Venom, which would both make solid sense given the conclusion to the first game’s story, there were plenty of hints towards other Spider-Man villains littered throughout the game world, teasing future antagonists in a potential sequel.

Venom could be some clever misdirection that we’ve all fallen for given the shady state of Harry Osborn’s tank - we could be seeing Riot or Carnage in Venom’s place. Given the popularity of that particular character, Insomniac may want to spin their own Venom narrative in the future. 

One of the more peculiar villainous Easter eggs relates to Sandman, who Peter finds trapped in a vial of sand thanks to one of the game’s collectible backpacks. Who knows, if some evil force were to get their hands on it he could break out and cause havoc. 

There’s a cute reference to Mysterio during the Halloween Party sequence in the game and a part of his helmet found in an in-game backpack, so we at least know they exist in this universe. 

There’s also mention of A.I.M and Taskmaster in the Spider-Man game, who could both easily return in the sequel despite the relevant side quests wrapping up nicely. The Lizard also gets some lip service through some in-game lore, and could pop out of the sewers at some point in the near future. 

Spider-Man PS5 wishlist – What we'd like to see

1. More focus on Miles Morales

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It’s safe to say that Miles Morales is one of the coolest characters in all of Spider-Lore, and the interpretation of the character in Insomniac’s game is as compelling as you would expect! The only problem is that we’re yet to see the true extent of his powers. Given his mutation late in the game it would make a lot of sense to see him factor into the sequel in an improved capacity, and it would delight fans who have since latched onto the wonder of the spider-verse.

2. An expanded open world 

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Whilst Insomniac’s Manhattan is already a true technical feat, it would be nice to see more of the world they’ve envisioned realised in the sequel. Rumours point to the potential inclusion of more of New York’s boroughs like Queens and Brooklyn, but it’d be great to see a brand new island or a more developed, consistent underground system where Spider-Man can bust criminal capers. Hell, it’d be really exciting to see Spider-Man get out of his comfort zone and travel the world, Uncharted-style, taking the MCU’s Spider-Man: Far from Home as an inspiration. 

3. Richer side quests and more open-world depth 

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The side missions involving villains and companions in the original game were exciting and well-developed, so it’d be great to see more of the same, putting the game in league with Rocksteady’s Arkham series and taking a leaf out of their approach to side quests, which are often mysterious and well-written - they always help to add clarity to the story and enrich the world. Particularly, some of the fetch quests and collectibles in Marvel’s Spider-Man could have offered some more interesting gameplay, and I’m sure there are plenty of new iterative ways to engage with the world via races and new challenges that Insomniac may be cooking up as we speak. With the combat system already locked down and regarded as a success, the developers can really toy with the formula and create even more exciting errands

(Image credit: Insomniac Games)

Marvel’s Spider-Man was truly jam-packed with nasty pieces of work, but Spidey is really quite the unpopular fellow with criminals, which means there’s always another bad guy waiting in the wings for their chance to blindside our friendly neighbourhood vigilante. Folks like the Green Goblin and Venom have all but been set up in the game world, but there are so many more villains in Spider-lore for Parker to get to grips with. Particularly, given how Insomniac is flipping the script on many of the conventional villains, it’d be nice to see some of the sillier sausages get a look in. I’m talking about the likes of Kraven the Hunter, Regent, Boomerang and Vermin, odd antagonists that would add some more absurdity to the world. With villains like Mister Negative, Rhino and Scorpion executed with dazzling effect, it’s clear that Insomniac isn’t scared of delving into the daft depths of spider-lore, so it’d be nice to see some of these lesser-known villains adapted in a potential sequel.