Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 fast travel takes Miles from the Upper West Side to Chinatown in seconds

Spider-Man: Miles Morales
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Spider-Man: Miles Morales fast travel on PS5 is absurdly fast, as shown in a clip from BBC's Jordan Middler.  

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As you can see, Middler goes from the Upper West Side, one of the northernmost points in Manhattan, to Chinatown, which is the opposite end of the island in the southeast. It takes him longer to scroll between the two points and select his destination than it does to actually travel there. Middler attempts to countdown from five to showcase the speed of fast travel, but the game loads before he can finish saying "three."

This is a fantastic example of the incredible PS5 load times which are made possible by an ultra-fast SSD. As we previously reported, a leaked video shows Spider-Man: Miles Morales loading from the PS5 UI dashboard in about seven seconds. This is impressive, but as a New Yorker I can't help but marvel more at the fast travel - mostly because of how powerful I would be if I could travel the city that quickly.

Middler is Scottish, so I'm not sure if he knows the legwork it takes to get from the UWS to Chinatown - and it's unclear if he'd ever be in the UWS, maybe he's more of a Lower East Side guy. The seven-mile trip can be hazardous to your mental health if the B train (which is an express line) isn't running correctly.  

From this brief clip, it looks like Miles is somewhat near the 1/2/3 lines, which are more on the west side of the city. He'd have to jump on the 1 towards South Ferry, transfer to the B at 59 Street/Columbus Circle, and take that for seven stops to get smack in the middle of Chinatown. It's about a 35-minute trip if you manage to catch the train, but in New York time it'll be close to 45-50 - and that's only if the B is running smoothly. Subways rarely do that.

Obnoxious New Yorker subway prattle aside, these Spider-Man: Miles Morales load times on PS5 are impressive, and an incredible marker for what we can expect from Sony's new console. 

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