Spider-Man 3 - hands-on

As expected, in terms of graphics, the Wii version looks closer to its ex-gen predecessors than its next-gen contemporaries. While it still looks good, it's noticeably less pretty than the 360 and PS3 versions we sampled.

But the most promising feature of the Wii version is its unique control scheme. You'll need to use the remote and nun chuck to fling your Spider-Man's webs out from his left and right hands, allowing you to swing from building to building. It takes some getting used to and we found ourselves going "splat" against building after building during our brief time with the game. However, it looks like it could be a ton of fun once you've mastered the fine art of wrist flinging.

Attacks are triggered by flicking the remote to the left and right. As with web swinging, we had a bit of difficulty adjusting to the controls and found ourselves flailing a bit wildly at foes. But again, there's a good chance that with more time to get cozy with the Wii's remote,you'll be uppercutting villains in the air and bringing them down hard with your spiderwebs soon enough.