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Speed Racer, Tropic Thunder and Righteous Kill

As the final trailers emerge for Speed Racer, it’s still looking like a cross between an insane 3D cartoon (fitting, considering the source material is, er, a cartoon) and Tron’s brain on drugs. This pair of new international promos doesn’t tell you much more about the story, but let’s face it… What you’re after is the mad race action, which they have in spades.Prepare your eyes for the assault here .

Meanwhile, Ben Stiller’s latest, Tropic Thunder has launched a teaser site that includes a burst of swear-laden, explosive footage that makes us want to see both the full trailer and the movie itself right now. has nabbed it for all to see.

Finally, Jon Avnet’s Righteous Kill might finally sate those who felt that Heat just didn’t provide quite enough De Niro/Pacino team-up action. The Bob and the Al are cops who find that criminals who slip away from justice under their watch are being slaughtered by an unknown killer. So what do they do? Get with the investigating, of course! Track down the trailer here .

Oh, and one more thing on the subject of trailers – it looks like we’ll all get our first proper glimpse of the Incredible Hulk trailer on March 12.

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