Spawn: Unwanted Violence brings Al Simmons face to face with violence he can't handle

art from Spawn: Unwanted Violence #1
art from Spawn: Unwanted Violence #1 (Image credit: Image Comics / Todd McFarlane Productions)

Spawn is hot off a high-profile crossover with Batman, but his creator Todd McFarlane is wasting no time with bringing out another Spawn spin-off in the form of a two-issue limited series titled Spawn: Unwanted Violence, which launches in January.

The limited series will "bring Spawn to the forefront of what constitutes good and evil" as the eponymous anti-hero seeks out hidden information.

Spawn: Unwanted Violence #1 cover

Spawn: Unwanted Violence #1 cover (Image credit: Image Comics / Todd McFarlane Productions)

"Information can be one of the most valuable resources in the world. It can also be one of the most difficult to obtain. Luckily for Spawn, he has the Freak. The Freak is a master of getting what he needs out of a subject," reads Image Comics' official description of Spawn: Unwanted Violence #1.

"But while the Freak works at extracting the whereabouts of 'File F', Al witnesses an act of senseless VIOLENCE, one that he can't ignore."

McFarlane himself will write the two-issue limited series, which features art from Mike Del Mundo.

McFarlane's announcement of Spawn: Unwanted Violence calls the current core Spawn title "the best-selling comic of 2021."

2019 brought the release of the milestone Spawn #300 and #301, which launched a renewed expansion of the Spawn universe with multiple titles and spin-offs.

Spawn debuted 30 years ago in 1992, becoming one of the most popular non-Marvel, non-DC heroes of all time. In the years since, Spawn has remained a mainstay at Image Comics, which was co-founded by Spawn's creator Todd McFarlane following the so-called 'Image Exodus' in which some of Marvel Comics' most popular artists left the publisher to start their own publisher, Image Comics.

Spawn is one of the best non-Marvel or DC comic book superheroes.

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