Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny REVEALED

Where did this come from?! At yesterday’s Namco Bandai Gamer’s Day, we were rushed into a secret room for the unveiling of a brand new entry in the Soulcalibur universe. We know what you’re thinking. It’s not a spin-off or something equally dreadful. Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny is the PSP's very own Calibur game, and while the devs were quick and insistent on this version not being a port of the successful Soulcalibur IV, it sure looked like one and that is not a bad thing at all.

We didn’t get to test drive the game (strange as it’s being released this summer), but we did watch it in action. And damn, it looks good. In fact, the graphics are what the dev team is most proud of. As the game is optimized to fit the PSPs hardware and screen, we’d have to agree. The fights were fluid, the 3D movement intact, the weapon collision detection spot-on and the interactive environments were just as gorgeous as their current-gen counterparts.

Unfortunately, only nine fighters were unlocked for the Namco Day festivities, with upwards of 30 promised (including brand-new character, the dandy Dampierre). But we did get to see Taki, Astaroth, Mitsurugi and Voldo in all their glory. Even though the game has been revamped from the ground up, it seems as though all the move-sets are in place. Hell, even the critical finishes - judged by the Soul Gauge, enabling you to break your opponent’s guard and get an instant win - are intact.

The devs were cryptic on the additional modes in the game, such as SCIV’s Tower of Lost Souls mode. They did mention a new character creation mode with new and revamped items. And of course, fighting against your friends is the biggest draw and ad hoc is supported.

We know it looks good and plays like Soulcalibur and that’s about it. With a release day rapidly approaching, we’re just as eager as you are to take the newest SC for a spin. Keep watching GR for more details.

Apr 29, 2009