Soul Calibur IV gets boob job

Soul Calibur IV will be winging its way to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year, Namco has revealed - and there's a wee teaser trailer out to commemorate the occasion.

And it wouldn't be a Soul Calibur without some lass with crazy huge mammaries. Though in this installment, Namco has opted to give the already impressively big Ivy a next-gen boob boost. You can see the difference below. And what's with that costume, anyway?

Above: Ivy was hardly lacking in the jubbly department anyway, but these new 'uns are just mental

Of course, ladies with cleavages like dead heats in zeppellin races aren't a new thing for games. Lara Croft, Tekken's Nina and Anna, and now Rachel in Ninja Gaiden Sigma - all top-heavy examples.

But Soul Calibur has made a tradition of wedging in as much ludicrously proportioned lady flesh as possible, something which, on this evidence,will clearly be continued in the new chapter. Don't believe us? Just check out this roster of heaving femme funbags:

New girl Tira joined the gang for Soul Calibur III, bringing her fashionably torn but totally unpractical costume with her. Just look at it! There's no support whatsoever for her delicates.

Another newcomer for Soul Calibur III, and yet another preposterously well-endowed chest. These mega-baps would certainly cause discomfort during hectic fights. Though at least Setsuka has retained some of her dignity by not flaunting herself quite as flagrantly as SC's other ladies.

Long time Soul Calibur battler Taki is a fanboy fave - and here we see why. Taki's ninja suit has seemingly been designed for one thing. And that's making her love pillows resemble torpedoes. Face this lady on an icy day and you could have your eyes out! Namco really understands its fanbase.

Joining Soul Calibur's lady list as the shopkeeper in the SC III Item Shop, Valeria isn't shy with her customers. She can't be, with a cleavage that looks as if it has a life of its own. Perhaps that's how she deals with shoplifters...

Another of Soul Calibur III's shopgirls, Hualin runs the Weapon Shop. She's lessprovocative than the others - ie, her breasticles aren't threatening to launch themselves into space - but that costume can't disguise the fact that, yet again, Namco have been overly generous with the boob slider.

Seong Mi-na
Mi-Na's been around since Soul Blade, but we can't ever remember her being this jugtacularon Playstation One. Now, though, she's another unsupported beauty - it's not so much a cleavage as an under-cleavage. Although, admittedly, Namco haven't quite blown her up to Ivy's proportions.Yet...

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