Sony's Screen Gems buys Devil May Cry film rights

Around the same time Resident Evil producer Shinji Mikami was retooling the series' fourth installment as an entirely new game, Hollywood production company Screen Gems were scrapping George Romero's planned RE movie in favor of a fresh director. In the decade since, the results of those decisions %26ndash; the Devil May Cry games and Paul WS Anderson's Resident Evil movies %26ndash; have both become profitable spinoffs. Now, Screen Gems hopes to replicate the RE success with a Devil May Cry movie.

Above: Dante has coined such phrases as "Wahoo!" "Yahoo!" and "Let's have a Pizza Party, Wahoo!"

Sony-owned Screen Gems, whose previous hits include Underworld, Legion and, um, Stomp the Yard, are developing the project with Kyle Ward, whose other work includes Arabian Nights and the Kane %26amp; Lynch movie, both in pre-production. IMDB have the Devil May Cry movie slated for a 2013 release %26ndash; meaning it's hard to know where the games will be at, depending on the reception for DmC %26ndash; but no cast or crew have been announced yet.

How do you think the Devil May Cry series will translate to film? Who would you cast?

June 8, 2011