Sony to improve PlayStation Network

Susan Nourai, the senior director of the PlayStation Network, has been speaking about the future of the PSN and how the company plans to improve the experience over time.

"We look at PSN as an emergent entertainment network. Our goal is to take a consumer-centric approach in both user experience, and just as important, to provide the type of content that consumers expect from PlayStation. This is evident in the types of games we offer on the PlayStation Store, like flOw, Calling All Cars and Little Big Planet," she told

"Currently, we post new content every Thursday. Our content offering is growing and we look forward to the fantastic slate of games and entertainment content coming down the pipe."

When asked about future changes or improvements, Nourai replied, "We've only scratched the surface and are working closely with the engineering team in Japan to improve the overall consumer experience. We stay in close touch with our consumers via communication outreach and research and have really appreciated the positive and constructive feedback.

"We plan to keep enhancing the things we're doing right, and will continue to evolve the service into something our PlayStation fans want. We've accomplished a lot in our four months with over 600,000 registered accounts and 3.7 milliondownloads. It's a great start to a journey and a long-term relationship with our consumers and business partners."

Read the full interview here.

April 17, 2007