Sony shows off PS Move Heavy Rain screens, promises 2010 release

We finally know what Heavy Rain will look like when the PlayStation Move update comes, and we also know it will arrive before Christmas.

Every single controller graphic in the epic PS3 game has been modified to support the new Move motion control system. So instead of an icon designating how to move the analog stick, it now displays how to shake the Movecontroller, otherwise known as the PS3's version of the Wii Remote.

Above: Perhaps the new Move version of Heavy Rain looks more confusing, but it should provide a more captivating experience

Move's secondary controller, known as the navigation controller, is not required, but if you don't use it you'll need to have the motion controller in one hand and a DualShock 3 controller in the other. There's no way that would be anything but clunky. Still, we think this is a very intriguing use of the Move controller...especially when it comes to the parts of the game where you have to virtually strip.

Above: Intense moments in the game are sure to result in erratic movements. Be sure to not smack people in real life

Sony also confirmed in a blog post that the Heavy Rain Move Edition download will be free, though you of course still need the $60 original game to play it. The same post confirmed the update will go up on the PlayStation Store by the end of the year.

Above: You won't find a Wii game that uses motion controls to this extent

Source:PlayStation Blog Europe

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