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Heavy Rain film in the works, interactive movie now just movie

Could videogame movies be on the mend? A fully financed Prince of Persia film drops next week and today we hear that former New Line Cinema producers are actively trying to get a proper Heavy Rain movie up and running. Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, now in charge of Unique Features,arereportedly interestedin transforming the interactive cinema experience into plain ol' cinema.

Above: Hello, Mr. Hollywood? I sold a million copies and want a movie

The thing is... we weren't sold on the actual story presented in Heavy Rain. Take the imaginitive gameplay elements away and you're left with a rather plain and disjointed tale that could be found on any rental shelf in the country. As with any game-to-movie adaptation there will undoubtedly be changes, and in this case we'd love to see some of the nonsensical aspects of the story tightened up.

True, most other game movies are based on stories that barely had enough meat to sustain a commercial, let alone 90 minutes of film. But in this case, Heavy Rain is a game praised by many for its storytelling, and we're not 100% in that camp. (It's a perfectly good game!)

What say you, internet?

Is it a game? Is it a movie? Is it even any good?

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