Sony in PS3 pad cover-up

Saturday 13 May 2006
In a spectacular gaffe, Sony has failed to communicate to key developers of PlayStation 3 games that the new PS3 pad will no longer include a vibrate function. In one case today, it was even left to GamesRadar to personally deliver the bad news.

During an interview with SmackDown! developer Yuke's, we asked senior director Taku Chihaya if he was disappointed that the new design of the PS3 pad lacked a rumble feature, and whether he was concerned about this detrimentally affecting the SmackDown! games.

His alarming response was, "We didn't know that! Wow, that stinks. In a lot of games, the use of vibration can add so much. You walk around here at E3 and the floor's vibrating with bombs going off and stuff. It can really add a lot to a game to have vibration, so I'm kind of disappointed there won't be vibration in the controller."

Keep an eye on GamesRadar next week for our full interview with the masterminds behind the SmackDown! series.

Above: Sony has kept so quiet about the lack of vibration in the PS3 pad that it was even left to GamesRadar to notify one PS3 developer