Sony details $150 Socom 4 'Full Deployment' bundle

It wouldn't be a high-profile war shooter blockbuster if there weren't a huge expensive bundle version in the works. Cue the Full Deployment Edition of Socom 4!

Of course, when there's a $150 bundle attached to a hotly anticipated game, you'd expect an exclusive figurine or model gun or something, right? Unfortunately, all the Socom bundle includesis the game and a bunch of Move accessories, including the "Sharpshooter" gun. Here's the list:

- PlayStation Move Motion Controller
- PlayStation Move Navigation Controller
- PlayStation Eye
- PlayStation Move "Sharp Shooter"

If you've been enjoying all the existing Move games over the past few months, chances are you already have most of these. The only really interesting thing is the Sharp Shooter accessory - a responsive gun controller with "realistic pump action," according to Sony. It has all the PlayStation buttons as well as a dual trigger, and adjustable shoulder stock.

If you don't happen to have any of the Move accessories, this is a pretty good deal. All of these pieces separately would sell for $220. It'll be available the same day as the standalone game, on April 19.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

Feb 25, 2011