Sony confirms date for new PS Store

The flashy new PS Store will hit Japanese PS3s on April 15, Sony of Japan has confirmed.

The Store will be delivered alongside firmware version 2.30, with all the pad-friendly benefits that have been promised. Checkherefor the first glimpse of the new menus if you haven't already.

The UK launch of the new and improved online store still sits at "mid April", although we would expect our update on the same day.

It is not clear what (if any) other features may be added in the new 2.3 firmware, although the hard-to-read Japanese press release appears to detail an interesting "PS Hunt for Treasure Store" competition.

From what we can make out, every 50th person to download something from the Store between April 15 and May 12 will get a "present", like a free download of some sort, we guess.

Let's hope for some new info for our side of the Pacific.

Courtesy of CVG

Apr 10, 2008