Sonic 4 confirmed for an official October 7th-15th landing on all announced platforms

Huzzah, Sonic 4 will be here October 7th through the 15thin all territories, on all announced platforms,iPhone be damned!The hedgehog may’ve fallen a tad short of the summer, however, Sega has allegedlyconfirmed through its official twitter that that Sonic’s first episodic DLC adventure will arrive everywherejust in time for…Halloween?

Above: Sonic 4 - Episode 1 = $15/ £10
iPhone App Store - Oct. 7th
Wii -Oct. 11th (EuropeOct. 15th)
PSN - Oct. 12th (Eurpoe Oct. 13th)
XBL - Oct. 13th

Whatever! A solidified release date is always good news, as that generally means a demo could potentially be coming to your console sooner than that (although, two weeks does’t leave a lot of breathing room for that.) Best of all, fans will finallyget to weigh indefinitiveltyon justhow much the color of Sonic’s eye colorcompletely ruins the gamplay. I’m guessing it’ll range from "not at all"to "immensely."

Above: Not sure why, but I love this picture... Adorable!

Sep 24, 2010