Something fishy about PlayStation Eye

Fish. The kind of petbought by your parents to teach you how to be responsible, when all you really wanted was a bouncy dog or fluffy cat to call your friend.

Luckily, thanks to the upcoming PlayStation Networktitle,Aqua Vita, PS3 owners will be able to have their owninteractive aquarium, without having to waste money on glass boxes or bags of stones.

With full support from the new PlayStation Eye, the digital tank can house up to seven different types of fish, ranging from tiny clownfish to huge lion fish. So far, all we’ve managed to do is feed our new fishy friends by rubbing our fingers together above the tank, creating a mad, bubbly rush for the virtual flakey morsels.

Unfortunately, you can’t reach in and poke the fish around, or put dangerous electrical objects into the tank, believe us we’ve tried. At present we’re trying to discover if you can overfeed and ultimately kill the fish or if, over time, the water will lose its crystal clear quality and start to turn a nice dirtyshade of green.

While Aqua Vita is more of a interactive screensaver than a game, it’s certainly a nice eye-pleasing distraction, and one that we keep coming back to, even if it is just to see if anything will actually happen.

James Jarvis
Executive Producer, GR Video

Hi I'm James or JJ if you like, I'll answer to both. I'm the Executive producer for GR video which means I've had at least a part in all the hot moving pictures you'll find on the site (even if that part was just saying, yes that's a good video). I also produce the Future Games Show and Golden Joystick Awards. Away from the office you'll either find me playing Fortnite, or walking my dog. I'm better at one than the other, I'll let you decide which.