"Some people will feel really stupid at the end of it" - Star Trek Discovery’s Lorca and Tyler talk fan theories

Star Trek Discovery has already been out of this world – and set the internet abuzz – with its flurry of fan theories. But what do the cast think of it? We went to find out and, as you can see from the video above, Ash Tyler and Captain Lorca have some very interesting things to say about the fans trying to put all the clues together…

Jason Isaacs is, in particular, practically bubbling over when talking through what may (or may not) come to pass. Don’t worry, no specifics here, but he does say a few people will be feeling very smug when it comes to whether they’ve uncovered any secrets. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go all CSI: Discovery!

Does that include the biggun: the one that places a lethal spy on the Discovery? Isaacs is playing coy, but we have our suspicions… For now, it’s just nice to see the cast acting just as excitable as the fans though; that’s always a good sign.

Shazad Latif, meanwhile, has had a quick looksee at fan theories (including the one above) but is a bit more deflective. Pro tip: if you’re going to distance yourself from a big theory, it’s best not to clam up, start grinning and tell people to watch the show! My spy-sense is tingling.

Star Trek Discovery isn’t all killer fan theories though. The mid-season finale reactions suggest this is a show that you’ll want to be binging sooner rather than later – and don’t forget to check out the big questions which need to be answered when the show returns in January 2018.

Image: CBS

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