SOCOM PS3 breaks cover

After a year undercover, Sony has finally broken its silence on its PS3 instalment of SOCOM, though it looks like you'll have to buy a magazine to get the full story.

The next issues of US mag Electronic Gaming Monthly apparently has the full blow-out on Confrontation, which will be available as a download on PSN, as well as traditional retail means.

"The dev team is really excited that the world can finally see some of their hard work," posted design director David Seymour on the PS Blog.

"This has also been a huge relief to SealTeam-6, who has the unenviable job of telling SOCOM's huge, hungry fan base every week that: a) yes we are still working on the game, and b) no, there is no new information we can share at this time."

No new info without mag purchase then, but Dave did offer description on the two released screenshots:

"[The first screenshot] is indeed Crossroads, the most fan-requested SOCOM map. This shot is taken from our new OTS camera, but the player is backed up into a wall here so it might look a bit confusing. This is the right in front of the SEAL spawn, looking down the street in the direction of the warehouse.

"[The second] is a brand new map, which has a 16 player core area and an expanded footprint for 32 player matches. This ruined shopping center is a great sniping location, and is a hotly contested control point in our internal sessions."

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 4, 2008