Snyder talks Watchmen!

It's been knocking around Hollywood since the LA party scene consisted of a night at The Viper Room and all back to Corey Haim's for a dip in the pool. But since we heard that Alan Moore's ground-breaking graphic novel, Watchmen, was in the hands of 300 helmer Zack Snyder, we've put down the brown paper bag and breathed a little easier.

The tale unfolds in an alternate United States, 1985; where Richard Nixon leads a country on the brink of nuclear war with Russia and superheroes are outlawed and face a new threat when one of them is mysteriously murdered.

Snyder has sat at the keys and tapped out a new script which he delivered to a decidedly happy Warner Bros.

“I feel like they're really excited about it,” Snyder told Sci Fi Wire . “It's not going to be a metaphor for the war on terror, we're just going back to the source, saying 'Okay, why does this work here?' It seemed really obvious.”

This approach seemed to get the Warner juices flowing and Snyder revealed he's even added a montage which dips back in time to cover major events in US history, including the Kennedy assassination. “I feel exited because they feel like it's a movie; they get it now. They're into 1985, they're into the Cold War and Nixon. We're doing other little changes and then, knock on wood, we'll get going.”

Not before time, we might add...

Source: ( Sci Fi Wire )

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