Friday 31 March 2006
SNK Playmore USA has announced Metal Gear Slug Collection for PSP, a compilation of six - yep, six - Metal Slug games. Taking in Metal Slugs 1-5 and X, it'll be released this autumn and represents one of the most impressive series-themed packages we've yet seen.

The Metal Slug games are simple but charming 2D shooters, and have been a common sight on PS2 and Xbox in recent years. They're often worth a quick blast, something for players to regularly dip into, but it's hard to recommend ownership of one particular game above all others.

With Metal Slug Collection, you'll get to have them all, with the addition of wireless two-player mode for cooperative combat. Plus, it should hopefully sit very well with both PSP's D-pad and its facility for short-burst gaming, making it one of the most promising, if predictable, bundles on the horizon.

Above: There are no screenshots as yet, so here's some of Slug's classy artwork