Skyrim modders are remaking Game of Thrones in Tamriel, and the results are already stunning

(Image credit: Skyros)

Skyros is a total conversion mod for Skyrim, melding the world of Game of Thrones into Bethesda's RPG.

Just yesterday on August 8, YouTuber Heavy Burns debuted the video seen just below. In the video, the YouTuber gives a lengthy and detailed update on the progression of the total conversion mod, which is going by the name "Skyros," after over a year in development.

The mod is slated as one of the "most ambitious" mods ever for Skyrim. Simply put, the development team behind the extensive mod are aiming to entirely recreate the world of Westeros in Skyrim, bringing in everything from the luscious lands of the south, all the way to the lawless lands north of The Wall.

The YouTuber reveals that the development team have had a "plethora" of new hires over the past year, that have significantly bolstered the mod. The modelling team are hard at work reconstructing fantastic 3D models of some of Game of Thrones's most immediately recognizable architecture, for example.

The story for the mod, the video reveals, begins at the beginning of Game of Thrones, where the player character arrives in Winterfell as part of King Robert's entourage. From there, you'll be able to make consequential decisions that shape the entire world, including who sits on the Iron Throne itself when the war is all said and done.

Right now, Skyros doesn't have a firm release date set in stone. If you're interested in the project though, the team is inviting anyone into their Discord channel, and are actually accepting applications for positions in writing, scripting, level design, and 3D modelling. Heavy Burns rounds out the video above by hinting at news coming further down the line from the team behind Skyros. 

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Hirun Cryer

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