Skyrim mod made for players with low-end PCs

Skyrim isn’t a month old yet, but the modding community is already coming out in force for it. We’ve already seen the very helpful 3D map viewer, but this new one seems even more charitable. There’s a certain PC mod that promises to lower the system requirements for the PC game.

Above: This just looks too good for some

For those blessed with powerful gaming rigs, this probably seems pretty pointless, but for the average Joes dealing with ancient desktops, this could be just what they’re waiting for. Though we haven’t tried it yet, one user said it works quite well on his Intel Celeron 3.0/2GB DDR2/Geforce 210 512 mb DDR3 machine. If you want to give it a try, you can download it here.

Source: GameZone

Henry Gilbert

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