SkeleTONS: nearly every bony bastard in the gaming universe

Dragon Quest is right up there with Final Fantasy when it comes to worldwide recognition. Formerly known as Dragon Warrior in the US, it’s gone on to sell millions upon millions of copies of every game in the series, the latest of which weeffing adored.

A classic soundtrack and perfect gameplay collide in this near-forgotten SNES/Genesis jewel. From its bizarre level design to the many, many horrific deaths the trio endure, itkeeps delivering memorable moments from the first level to the last. Check the GBA remake if you missed the 16-bit version.

Also – one of the few cases of skeletons with full beards.

Here’s one we’ve seen time and time again, poor Arthur shattering into a pile of individually separated bones. That’s what he gets for starring in what is officially known as The Hardest Videogame Franchise of All Time.

On the other end of the spectrum we have these piddly wimps from various cutesy games. Don’t think they realize simply being a skeleton isn’t enough. You’ve got to feel it, deep down in your coccyx.

Perhaps the most famous ongoing skeletal enemy of all time, the Stalfos knight from Zelda. It’s been in just about every game in the series, represented here by its meager beginnings as a crude patchwork of white pixels to its Link to the Past depiction that leaps all over the damn place.

Compare that to Twilight Princess:

All that time to figure out a plan against Link... and all they added were shoulder pads? No wonder Ganon keeps getting punted into prison dimensions.

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Brett Elston

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