Six horrific crimes you never realized you were committing in games

But as the ‘Hero of Kvatch’, stalks through the halls of ancient tombs and ruins; no grave, no sarcophagus, and no coffin is safe from your prying fingers. That coin, that ring, and that weapon – once objects of immeasurable significance and value- are now only trinkets to be pocketed or hawked.

Did you ever think that all the zombies, ghosts, wraiths, and skeletons wandering around Tamriel might be the result of such blatant disrespect?


3. Peddling drugs to children (Fallout 3)

‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ in a lawless, resource starved wasteland are anomalous concepts indeed. However, it takes a special breed of amorality to provide a steady stream of highly addictive and dangerous substances to prepubescent xenophobic children holed up in a cave. But in the ‘Fungus Deal’ side quest, that’s precisely what the Lone Wanderer does. ‘Buffout’ treats rickets, ‘Mayor’ MacCready assures you – and while it’s true that steroids (which is what ‘buffout’ IS for-all-intents-and-purposes) can be used to help treat rickets, at some point between 20 – 45 bottles of the stuff, ‘medicinal’ becomes ‘recreational’.

Now we all know the effects of long-term anabolic steroid abuse, but pair that with the trace amounts of the Forced Evolution Virus that everyone’s breathing in; and the town of Little Lamplight is likely to become the next breeding ground for a new tiny-testicled horde of horror to be set upon the wastes.

Above: Increased aggression. One of the first signs of steroid abuse