Six horrific crimes you never realized you were committing in games

As you push deeper into their country, you come across Red Nation workers. Defenseless, as content as can be just chopping wood. You do not ignore them, or intern them, or even rough them up a bit. No. You blow them into greasy little chunks. You raze their homes to the ground. Their town halls crumble like paper before your terrible might. Farms burn. Mines collapse. An entire people and culture, lain to waste before the rifle barrels of your unrelenting troops.

Only when every single Red Nation worker lies dead, only when every single town is made a smoking husk, only when every single person and facility capable of tying two sticks together is returned to the Earth; will your people’s blood lust be satisfied. But, hey, that victory screen is so pretty… and that little drum beat when it pops up… just tops. Who’s next?

Above: Mission accomplished

1. Forced sexual congress (Aliens vs Predator series)

Look carefully at that picture. LOOK AT IT! What do you see? Do you see consensual intercourse? Or do you see one individual holding down a clearly unwilling participant, while another individual prepares to force his protuberance into the victim, delivering his zygote? Just what would they call that in a court of law? Hmm?

But we don’t have to ask a court of law. We can just askDan O’Bannon, writer of Alien.

Above: Does THIS make you feel like a man…or…a…xeno-whatever?

Jul 13, 2010

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