Sir Terry Pratchett Talks Retirement

The Discworld author on why he has no plans to quit.

“Sometimes I wonder, Why am I doing it?" Sir Terry Pratchett tells SFX . "Sometimes I think, Why don’t I just go and have some fun?"

Even though Raising Steam , the 40th novel (yes, 40th !) in Pratchett's Discworld series is now in bookshops, the legendary author says he’s not ready for retirement just yet.

What‘s stopping him from hanging up his pen? A good idea for a book it seems. “Some part of me is telling me that there is no one who will actually say, apart from my agent actually, that I shouldn’t do it, but suddenly you think, ‘I must do another book for next year!’ A little voice says ‘You don’t really have to if it’s going to be a difficulty.’ On the other hand, if I find a really snazzy plot, that will send me on fire and away we go.”

"Don’t worry,” he jokes. “I don’t fancy dying yet.”

Story by Chloe Haynes

Raising Steam is out now from Transworld. Read our five-star review!

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