Sir Ian McKellen talks The Hobbit!

While nothing is yet 100% official about The Hobbit film(s), we’d like to think that the mere act of wishing for it like an eight-year-old girl hoping for a pony might just will it into existence.

And we’re not the only ones hoping… Ian McKellen, a man who has the ear of Peter Jackson and is closely tied to all things LOTR (what with being Gandalf and all), has been keeping his fingers crossed that he’ll get to don the cloak and hat again. His latest E-post , in which he answers fan questions, talks about him keeping 2009 free should he be called by likely Hobbit helmer Guillermo del Toro to shoot The Hobbit.

Now all we need is for Guillermo to officially get that deal made. Our advice to GDT? If they offer you a precious package, YOU! SHALL NOT! PASS!

Okay, we know… We’ll get our coats.

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