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Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion trailer shows off the game's new look

We've previously been over some static images of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion's graphical overhaul (opens in new tab), showing how the once-fancy-looking game still looks plenty nice thanks to a revamped visuals engine. However, this new clip contains some 25 new images per second of the game's improved graphics, which would be a staggering amount of new information to take in were it not tied together with a gravelly voiceover explaining what you need to know about the game's backstory.

Rebellion, the first standalone expansion for the 2008 RTS, will bring more than just a graphical overhaul when it's released in a couple months' time. The title also adds Rebel and Loyalist factions to each race, each of them with their own new craft and resources. Stardock leaked a beta version of the title to pre-order customers last month, and is teasing a second iteration of the beta soon.

The company's also offering a $10 pre-order discount on the expansion for owners of the original game's Trinity collected edition. If that sounds to you like a good excuse to pick up the original for a bit of practice, you might just about be done with your first game by the time the expansion's released...