Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion's graphical overhaul gets before and after screens

When Sins of a Solar Empire was released a few years back, critics raved over its state-of-the-art graphics and tremendous gameplay. Now, some four years later, the tremendous gameplay holds up, but the graphics? Not so much. They're serviceable, but a far cry from what other developers have accomplished in the genre since its initial release. This is something Stardock is looking to fix with their next stand-alone addition, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. The space-based tactical strategic real-time strategy (or SBTSRTS, as we like to call it) is getting a makeover for the expansion, and the results are wonderful.

Stardock claims that this update is a "complete overhaul of the graphics system" and we'll take its word for it. The before and after shots show a noticeable improvement in the lighting, which adds a better depth to the ship, and should make the game's larger, more gratuitous space battles all that more. Fan reaction seems, as expected, very positive, with only the occasional troll finding time to complain about the lack of improvements to the game's backgrounds (something other commenters promise they'll be fixing with mods).

There's still no release date given for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, but we'll be sure to pass along any new information on the next chapter in Stardock's Sins series.

Hollander Cooper

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