Sims of sims: 10 ways to escape from escapism

We’re not complaining about the quality of the LEGO games, they’re good games, but we all probably have dusty boxes full of LEGO blocks in our closets which we could actually play with. Why is it against general social norms for grown men and women to take out their blocks and play with them, but not for them to play a videogame in which they pretend to take out their blocks and play with them?

Above: Those stubby LEGO legs don’t work as well when there’s no one around to move you up and down while absentmindedly uttering “Do doo dee doo da doo doooo doo dooo”

What it simulates: The classic card game
What its simulation is a simulation of: Having friends

Above: The space theme most accurately depicts the emptiness that Windows Solitaire represents

What it simulates: Mini-golf
What its simulation is a simulation of: Golf

There’s nothing wrong with mini-golf games in principle. Mini-golf, while in a way a simulation of real golf, has its own particular attributes. But seriously, if you want to play mini-golf, you can get up and go play mini-golf.

Above: In the game’s defense, real mini-golf courses rarely include lava

What it simulates: A trading card game
What its simulation is a simulation of: A Marvel showdown

So you get to battle with cards, only you don’t get the experience of collecting the cards and most of the social aspects that make card games fun are gone? We guess it’s a bit cheaper, and you might not always have a group of willing friends in the same room at the same time, but it still seems odd to strip several integral aspects out of a game just to digitize it. Preexisting games like poker require cards by nature, but these games could use any mechanic they want. Like… collectable jellyfish that are stuffed full with exciting stats.

Above: True, playing actual trading card games involves much less lightning

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