The Sims 3 expansion pack buyers guide

The Sims 3: Showtime

You were born to be in the spotlight. Building upon the celebrity system introduced in Late Night, The Sims 3: Showtime is all about being a star. Rise to fame as a singer, magician, or acrobat, and go from performing in public for tips to headlining huge venues.


Acrobat: This profession lets you work your way up from street mime to daring performer.

Magician: Pull coins from Sims’ ears, make birds appear, and perform illusions to hopefully eager audiences.

Singer: Aspiring singers work their way up to performing Sing-a-Grams to headlining big show venues.

Community Lots:

Coffeehouse: Whether you’re hanging out with friends or trying to land your first gig, the coffeehouse is the place to be.

Live Show Venue: An open hangout lot that often hosts live shows called SimFests—perhaps your Sims will be a part of them!

Private Venue: Perform for private parties and put on a show in this hangout location.

Big Show Venue: Only the best performers have access to this building.

Lifetime Wishes:

Master Acrobat: Reach level 10 of the acrobat career.

Master Magician: Reach level 10 of the magician career.

Vocal Legend: Reach level 10 of the singing career.


DJ: You are what you play. Moonlight as a DJ and increase your spinning skill.

Turntable: A hidden skill for talented disc jockeys who know how to work the turntable.

Dominoes: This hidden skill improves your odds of winning dominoes.

Gambling: A hidden skill that tips the odds in your favor.

Golfing: Fore! Another hidden skill that rises as you spend more time with this activity.

Pool: With pool tables making their triumphant return to The Sims series, you can raise this skill at local bars and hangouts—or buy a table of your own.


Diva: Diva Sims are amazing, and they know it. They won’t let anyone else forget it, either.

Social Butterfly: Sims with this trait get lonely quickly. They need to constantly socialize and love to be the center of attention.

Natural Born Performer: These Sims love to be onstage.

Miscellaneous Additions:

New Neighborhood: Welcome to Starlight Shores, a buzzing showbiz town that can make all your dreams come true. With a number of venues, from coffeehouses to huge stadiums, this is the perfect place for aspiring performers to settle down.

Social Features: Now you can log in, see what your friends are up to in their games, send messages, and even send one of your Sims to perform in a friend’s venue via the SimPort.

Achievements: Earn rewards for meeting special goals, which can also be shared with your friends.

Stages: Performers can set up the stage before a show and save their creations for later performances.

Death by Magic: Sometimes magic tricks can go horribly wrong.

Woohoo in a photo booth or the box of mystery.

Various home items, hairstyles, clothings, lifetime rewards, food, produce, and fish.