The Sims 3 expansion pack buyers guide

The Sims 3: Late Night

Want to be a star? Late Night adds city life to the game, so in addition to apartment buildings, you’ll find celebrities, bars, local bands, and even vampires! There’s a lot to do after dark, so put on your party dress and get moving.

Community Lots:

Bars: Dive bars and sports bars—take your pick. These are usually more casual and don’t require a high celebrity level.

Clubs: Clubs are open later, so you can dance all night.

Lounges: Exclusive clubs, some of which cater to the vampire crowd. You’ll have to be a celeb to get in here—or find a way to sneak past the bouncers.

Lifetime Wishes:

Distinguished Director: Reach level 10 of the director career (one branch of the film career).

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous: Max out your celebrity level and be worth at least 100,000 simoleans (this includes your home and everything in it, in addition to how much cash you currently have).

Master Mixologist: Max out the mixology skill and buy a bar.

Master Romancer: WooHoo in five different locations with five different Sims.

One Sim Band: Max out the drums, guitar, bass, and piano skills.

Superstar Actor: Max out the film career, acting branch.


Bass/Drums/Piano: Much like the guitar skill included with the base game, these are leveled up by playing the appropriate instrument. Now you can start a band with other musicians for fame and fortune, and play gigs at local venues!

Mixology: Late Night’s version of bartending. Practice at home, and when you’re good enough, you can moonlight at bars in town for some cash.


Shy: Similar to the loner trait, shy Sims are uncomfortable around others they don’t know well.

Star Quality: Sims with this trait become celebrities faster and love the spotlight.

Vampire: A hidden trait of vampires, which can be passed on to children.

Miscellaneous Additions:

City living: With the addition of Bridgeport, your Sims have an urban metropolis with plenty of hot spots for nightlife available. You’ll also be able to live in apartments in high-rise buildings, complete with elevators!

Film career: Report to work at the new film studio. This career branches off into separate acting and directing careers.

Butler: Hire a live-in butler to do your cooking and cleaning. He’ll even be your friend if you’re lonely!

Celebrities: By rubbing elbows with the famous folks around town, you can raise your own celebrity level! Soon everyone will know you, you’ll get discounts everywhere, and even swanky gifts—but look out for the paparazzi hoping to find some dirt!

Vampires: Sims can become a vampire by asking to be turned by another vampire. Vampires have pale skin, can read minds, and they live longer than the average Sim. They need plasma to live, which they can get by feeding on Sims or drinking it from their fridge.

Hot tubs, elevators, additional musical instruments, and various home items, hairstyles, and outfits.

WooHoo in a hot tub, celebrity trailer, or elevator.