Simpsons Forever! And Ever... And Ever...

We can all agree that The Simpsons has been running for what seems like centuries. And that its glory days are mostly behind it. Still, that hasn’t stopped US network Fox from keeping the life support machine switched on - the series has been re-commissioned for two years. The 18th and 19th seasons (count ‘em!) will run until at least 2008, by which time children born after the series began will be old enough to write for the show.

In brighter news, the show’s futuristic sister-show - the unfairly cancelled Futurama - is getting a reprieve. According to the series’ vocal lead Billy West, plans are now afoot for the show to return for at least 26 more episodes. Which is a reason to celebrate, since Futurama was only granted four (or five, depending on which country you’re in) seasons, and had proved itself to be at least as funny, and occasionally funnier than Springfield’s finest.

Finally, in related ‘toon news, the very same network has decided that maybe it does want to keep making decent animated television. Fox (again) has reversed an earlier decision and requested more episodes of King Of The Hill. Mike Judge’s southern-fried Texas ‘toon will return.

"The network had made its peace with King Of The Hill wrapping up," blabs Gary Newman, 20th Century Fox TV president. "But lo and behold, it showed incredible resilience in terms of ratings. The network realised that the show could still work for them." Go figure!

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