Silent Hill skateboard announcement met by disappointment from fans expecting new game

Silent Hill 2
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A Silent Hill skateboard has been announced on Twitter, leaving some fans disappointed and others theorizing it might suggest something big is coming from the franchise. 

The skateboard is set to be available for pre-order on June 23, 4 PM PST. The board features the deadly Nurses from the game, which have become one of the most iconic enemies in the horror genre. There even looks to be a Pink and Blue color variant too. 

The announcement is great news for any Silent Hill fan who loves to shred, but has been met with a more complicated response from the general fan base. 

The series hasn't seen a new game since Silent Hill: Downpour in 2012. Fans also famously had a Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima lead Silent Hills project ripped from their grasp when the Metal Gear creator and parent company Konami had a messy break up in 2015. 

The fandom remains hungry for more games in the series, and some expressed their disappointment at the news that this was just a skateboard. Some players demanded to know where a new game was, others just posted memes of their sadness. Even Hideo Kojima's best friend, Geoff Keighley, posted under the news with a gif of Matrix character Switch saying "Not like this." 

Others however found hope in the post, and especially in the wording of the announcement tweet. The tweet reads:

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Some focused on the ending of the tweet, "to celebrate...", as perhaps hinting at a new game to celebrate. While the wording in context would seem to suggest it's to celebrate the broader Silent Hill merch collection coming, it didn't stop others from getting their hopes up. Some got excited by the potential, others questioned why the use of the ellipsis if there wasn't more to come. 

Some fans just had fun posting footage of Pyramid Head using a skateboard in a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater mod. 

While there are a lot of conspiracy theories going on here, they aren't completely unfounded. Earlier this year reports suggested a new Silent Hill was being worked on. A year before that further rumors hinted at a revival too. It seems like there is an awful lot of smoke (or spooky fog) surrounding a potential new game. 

What this should ultimately show though is that this fanbase is very hungry for more Silent Hill. Hopefully, their patience will be paid off sooner rather than later. 

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