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Silent Hill Downpour dev says multiplayer edition could come to XBLA

Although much of the paranoia and intrigue in the Silent Hill series comes from being isolated and unaware of your surroundings, Konami is apparentlyconsidering a multiplayer entry to be released through Xbox Live. Vatra Games art director Radek Marek, who is currently working on Silent Hill Downpour, revealed the info in the latest issue of Xbox 360 Magazine Italy.

According to a translation found onHell Descent, Marek was asked "Can we expect a multiplayer mode in Silent Hill?"

"At the moment there will be no multiplayer modes in Silent Hill: Downpour," he replied. "But Konami are investigating a separate chapter devoted entirely to the multiplayer."

Such a game would a departure from the kind of experience Silent Hill fans have come to expect, but that doesn't mean it can't still provide a compelling experience.Capcomdabbled with the idea several years ago with Resident Evil Outbreak; we hope this alleged Silent Hill gamefares better.

For now, obviously, the specifics remain unclear, even to those on the inside track. "We do not know the details but it should be an XBLA title that most players have to survive in the town of Silent Hill," said Marek via the translation.

UPDATE: Downpour's producer, Devin Shatsky,posted a statementin Hell Descent's forums, saying the following:

"Whoever that Italian interviewer was either took Radek's comments completely out of context, or it was lost in translation. As previously mentioned, we were (many moons ago) investigating a separate Multiplayer mode, but that was quickly extinguished when we costed it out and determined how much resource time it would detract from the core singleplayer experience."

[Source:Hell Descent]

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Mar 21, 2011