19 signs you're playing too much GTA 5

You're seriously considering picking up tennis

...or golf. Golf seems fun, all of a sudden.

You've started to pay attention to the Stock Market and you're thinking about investing.

You're also thinking about buying real estate, because you can always turn a profit on property.

You actually consider helping strangers because it might lead to something good.

Instead of the elevator, you've begun taking the stairs because, seriously, you might as well improve your stamina.

You start to call old friends to hang out with them, because they might show up later to help you out.

You've started planning things better because you've seen how bad things go when you don't.

You're beginning to weigh the pros and cons of starting your own meth lab...

...just kidding, you've been thinking about that since you first watched Breaking Bad.

Hollander Cooper

Hollander Cooper was the Lead Features Editor of GamesRadar+ between 2011 and 2014. After that lengthy stint managing GR's editorial calendar he moved behind the curtain and into the video game industry itself, working as social media manager for EA and as a communications lead at Riot Games. Hollander is currently stationed at Apple as an organic social lead for the App Store and Apple Arcade.