Sifu's new modifiers can "push your skills to the absolute limit, or let you beat on enemies stress-free"

Sifu age system
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Sifu's summer update is nearly here, bringing players "more ways to play by adding a slew of new features" including an all-new scoring system, more stylish outfits, and new modifiers that "will push [your] abilities and skills to the absolute limit, or give [you] the opportunity to beat on enemies stress-free".

"For those who have already walked Sifu’s path to Wude, brand-new gameplay modifiers and a new scoring system will push their abilities and skills to the absolute limit, or give them the opportunity to beat on enemies stress-free," developer Sloclap explains. 

"These modifiers swing in both directions, bumping Sifu’s challenge up by letting enemies ignore a player’s guard and preventing them from picking up weapons or giving them infinite health and structure, and unbreakable weapons. Players who want a true challenge can make their own “hardcore” runs by making enemies even stronger, reducing their character to a single hit point and removing aging as well as guarding."

As for the new scoring system? Looking ahead, your score will now take into account every punch, kick, sweep and finisher performed, "doling out a ranking based on a player’s smoothness, efficiency and variety". 

"Dismantle a group of enemies without getting hit, and players will be greeted with a score worth flaunting," the developer teases.

Sifu's summer update is expected to release on August 31, 2022.

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"Sifu's combat isn't just fun, it's satisfying and addictive, it's nuanced and intuitive, it oozes charisma and it's damn challenging – all the while powered, for the most part, by just four buttons: light attack, strong attack, block and dodge," we said, awarding the game 4.5 stars out of 5.

"Still, players can expect to unleash over 150 moves through a variety of combos – many of which harness the special abilities noted earlier, some of which involve activating a range of slow-motion, limb-targeting Focus Attacks – while making use of environmental weapons such as wooden staffs, table legs, bricks, bottles, baseball bats, katanas, and malleable iron pipes to name but a few of the tools at your disposal."

Sifu is out right now on PC as well as a PlayStation console exclusive on both PS4 and PS5. Sifu has been beaten in just 40 minutes with zero deaths by one expert player but if you're not quite that tough yet, take a look at our Sifu tips if you'd like to try a speedrun of your own.

Sloclap told an industry accessibility advocate back in February that the studio is committed to bringing new accessibility features to the fighting game, including difficulty modes, and in May, "Student", "Disciple", and "Master" difficulty options will be made their debut the same day as a new training mode. 

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