Sifu coming to new platforms with a new mode in March

Sifu age system
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Sifu is coming to new platforms, along with a new game mode, in March 2023.

Publisher Devolver Digital announced the move for the kung-fu action game earlier today on December 20 (thanks, IGN). Sifu is currently available on PC via the Epic Games Store, and PlayStation, but will be arriving on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam in March.

As for the new game mode, it's called "Arenas," and pits players against a horde of enemies, as the name suggests. You'll unlock new gameplay modifiers by completing different arenas, which will actually double on Sifu's current count of gameplay modifiers by the time you've unlocked them all.

Additionally, you'll unlock new cheats, outfits, and even combat moves through the Arenas mode. Considering Sifu is already a pretty varied game in its action-oriented approach, the bonus of even more combat moves sounds promising, as do cheats for anyone who really wants to get whacky.

As it stands, Sifu should arrive on Xbox and Steam roughly one year after it originally launched in March 2022. The game has seen a bevy of updates since it first released, including an easy mode update to make the action-heavy game a little more approachable, as well as a slate of post-launch gameplay modifiers to spice things up a little. 

If you really can't get enough of Sloclap's game, then we've got good news, because a Sifu movie is in the works from John Wick's creator

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