Shooters and Spielberg

We’ll admit we’re cheating a little on today’s headline – while we definitely have footage related to Indiana Jones IV, what is now online at the official site is actually a short diary from Steven Spielberg on the first day of the shoot.

It really boils down to a lark for Spielberg and old chum George Lucas – see them clown around in a classic car! Howl with laughter as Stevie claims they don’t look a day older despite the 18-year gap between movies! Wish that Spielberg’s jovial good luck wish to “break a leg” was really befell script-denier Lucas! – and a couple of brief moments of filming.

You can track down the video here .

In more traditional trailer news, has secured something of an exclusive: the first trailer for Hitman. In the videogame adaptation, Die Hard 4.0’s villain Timothy Olyphant is the trained assassin, sorting out evildoers and looking menacing while holding guns.

It’s in annoying, choppy flash-o-vision, but the movie looks fun. Check out the footage here .

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