Shocking new Resident Evil 5 info

Gameplay-wise, the over-the-shoulder mechanic fromRE 4 will be present, with the player's character appearing on the left of the screen. However, Takeuchi also stated there will be an "obvious evolution of the gameplay" and that it would be surprising. Could that mean a secondary first-person view? He also teasingly added that gamers feeling that the game looks like RE 4 after the first trailer will have a different opinion after the next one. We wait with bated breath.

But here comes some bad news. With the game still some way from completion, it seems likelyit won'tshipuntil the end of 2008. Even (whisper it) possibly as late as 2009. But Takeuchi did say 2010 would be "too late." No kidding. Still, in the mean-time, why notwatch the traileragain, examine thenew imageswe've collected, then head over tothe forumand join the discussion?

July 19, 2007

Justin Towell

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