Shocking new Resident Evil 5 info

Resident Evil 5's producer Jun Takeuchi has spilled the undead beans on some of the features of his new game - and it seems you really should be afraid of the dark. And the light too, for that matter. Asconfirmed character Chris Redfield moves from light areas to dark and vice versa,aiming (and indeed seeing) will be impossible, as his eyes must first adjust to the light. Knowing what kind of surprises Capcom likes to hide in darkened rooms, this sounds pretty scary to us.

Takeuchi revealed that the story takes place in a desert area where "something has happened," resulting in a call-out for Chris, who works for the as-yet unidentified organisation BSAA. We're guessing that's not the Bangkok Shipowners and Agents Association, but you never know. Interestingly, Umbrella and S.T.A.R.S. will reportedly not be present, seeing as the originalincident happened over 10 years ago.

He also stated that the enemies will be human in form, and intelligent to boot, but they will not be zombies or the Los Ganados ofResident Evil 4. A female character who would be recognizable to fans of the series will play an important role in the game, both in terms of gameplay and plot, and she'll appear briefly in the next trailer. We reckon Rebecca Chambers would be a good bet, after popular appearances in previousRE games.

Justin Towell

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