Shenmue 2 Cheats

Shenmue 2 Cheats

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Hidden Pics

    Put the Disc 1 into a PC and look in the Omake directory

  • Xbox | Submitted by Masterchief2002

    Secret Place Parking Lot and Bronze Medal

    To get to the Parking Lot and get the Bronze Medal just beat the game once with most of the arcade games unlocked, and put load game then load your completed save.

    once you have loaded your completed save, it will then start you off with a new game. start the new game and keep playing until after you get your bag back from wang, then go to the Green Market Qr. from Queens st.

    then follow the road until you can take a left, take the first left and keep going until you see a right to the Golden Qr.

    Don't take the right, keep walking straight and you'll see a alley, go into the alley and you can either take a left to gamble or you can walk straight to get the Bronze Medal.

    (*tip* if you take a left you can easily make money to go see Ren or to buy and collect items from the toy machines, and walk up to the lottery guy with a top bet of $500 dollars
    and save it, then bet all of your money, and if you don't win, then reset your xbox and repeat till you win.)

    Now if you walk straight past the gambling spot and you'll see a place with a window and there's a guy stacking boxes, (this place is colored with white tiles and looks like a kitchen) and inside there will be an open door for you to walk in, if you walk in there you'll come to a place called the Parking Lot
    inside the Parking Lot there's a table with a Bronze coin and some white boxes, collect them and see all the rare items you found.

    now the Bronze Medal will have a picture of lishao tao's helper, the girl that wakes you up every morning to put away the books for the library and on the Medal it say's congratulations.

    now after you have found the Bronze Medal open up the boxes and look at all the rare toys you get, some are from Shenmue I.
    And that's all.

    *note* if you came to the alley in the Green Market Qr. and followed the directions and the doorway has planks of wood on it, then you probly didn't beat the game or didn't do a good job in finding items in your completed save. (MAKE SURE YOU CONTINUED OFF YOUR COMPLETED SAVE)
    The code should work and i think there are more medal's like a silver and a gold one so try beating the game once more and go back to the parking lot.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jimmy Zawacki

    Easiest Way To Make Some Money

    At least get 100 bucks by carrying crates or by doing lucky hit, go to the Gambling place in Kowloon and you will find 3 Big or Small stands goto the one with the highest which is 1000 starts at 100 and save before you play, then play the game bet big or small if you lose restart the game and load it back up, and play the big or small game a lot to make tons of money, you can do the same thing with street fighting, slots, arm wrestling, lucky hit, etc.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Craig Firth

    Easy Cash

    This is soooo easy!!! Just go to that place near the warehouses were you gamble for really high stakes. Before you gamble save first. Now whenever you lose just turn the Xbox back on and try it over. Try to raise the stakes every time too. What do you you have to lose.

    Note: Save every time when you win.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Justin

    Get Back Bag

    In the beginning 3 guys & a kid named wong steal your bag. First you have to chase Wong at Pidgeon Park but you wont catch him. Next you have to go to th Lai Lai Eatery. There you will see two of the guys who stole your bag. Then you will fight them. If you lose, then you just go to Pidgeon Park and you'll see them on the right of the fountain. Then you'll fight again. Don't lose! Because then you will have to go around looking all over for them. But if you win, Wong will show up and takes you to your bag. But you have to follow him!

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to see Shemue1on Sega Saturn

    After you beat the game save and then go to shenmue collection and then you'll see a message saying "never before seen shenmue on sega saturn"

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chrisbreyson z23

    How to get a part time job

    Ask the lucky hit stand owners for a part time job

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jose Amezola

    Easy Money

    To get money easily all yo have to do is go behind warehouse #8 in the workers pier and play "lucky hit" pick the second stand from the left it shoul be a tiger with wings. you this works great when you need the $500 dollars to see Ren.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chrisbreyson z23

    Easy 500 bucks to see Ren

    Before you go to Beverly Hills Wharf,get 50 bucks.Then after you talk to cool z. Go to the crate carring job and make another 50 then after your done the guy that carrys crates with you will show you a move called brawling uppercut. Then when you learn that move go to the place where the street fighter was in Beverly Hills Dwarf .Then all you have to do is brawling uppercut like three or four times to knock him out.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Money Save

    This isn't exactly a cheat but it will help you alot.
    Here's What you do, at the beginning you will lose all your money and believe me it's alot anyway go to the lighter stand by the big fountain and buy as many lighters as you can that way you can trade it in at a pawn shop and get back a good percentage of your money back

  • Xbox | Submitted by John Doyle


    This cheat will include alot of work but is well worth it.. Trust me. The object of this cheat is to get Reo Hazuky's gun. To do this you have to do the following. For one you have to raize $300. Next you have to go the Blue Sky cafe. Talk to the man playing darts. After this go to work and raize $50. After go to pidgeon park and find the arm wrestling matches. Wreasel the strong man and win twice in arrow. He should now ask you if you want to wrestle him for $350. In return he will give you a gun or a choice to double your money. If done correctly this cheat should work.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Dan

    More Money

    This code is the easiest way to get money.
    Go to any where you can gamble. Press Y to save your game. then gamble. if you lose turn Your X box off and turn it back on. continue your game and keep doing this to you are rich.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock 3rd flr of gaming arcade

    First when your're at the part when you do the chawan sign at the man mo bistro and the person tells you to meet them at the come over guest house at 7:00 pm , they tell you to go to man mo park go there. Two guys come out and free battle you loose on purpose this causes young fangmei to love you. After this go to pigeon park in aberdeen. Talk to a girl practicing tai chi. After this go to the back of green market pawnshop in the green market qtr. You'll find an opening go through it you should see a table with 3 boxes of capsule toys and a big bronze metal take them. First go to the tomato mart and youll talk to the cashier leave and then go to the pine game arcade in the golden qtr. Go to the third floor. Its a fighting arena. The opponents you face are a surprise though. Enjoy....!