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Scarlet Witch highlights new Women of Marvel #1 variant covers

Women of Marvel #1
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Update: Marvel has taken the occasion of International Women’s Day to release a trio of variant covers to its Women of Marvel #1 anthology one-shot, on-sale April 21.

The special will spotlight "iconic characters from the X-Men to the Avengers in a collection of tales by an all-female lineup of incredible talent from throughout the entertainment industry."

Check out the variant covers by Amanda Conner, Maria Wolf, and Marvel’s Stormbreaker artist Peach Momoko along with more details on Women of Marvel #1 below. 

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Women of Marvel #1

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Women of Marvel #1

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Women of Marvel #1

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Original story follows...

The 'Women of Marvel' branding returns to Marvel Comics in the month of April with a new 56-page anthology. Announced as part of the just-released Marvel Comics April 2021 solicitations, Women of Marvel #1 unites women creators and women characters for a series of stories.

Women of Marvel

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The announced stories are:

  • A She-Hulk story by writer Nadia Shammas and an artist to be announced
  • A Marrow story by long-time Marrow fan, writer/artist Sophie Campbell
  • A Peggy Carter story by writer Elsa Sjunneson and an artist to be announced

Additional creators announced are writers Anne Toole and Natasha Alterici, along with artists Eleonora Carlini, Joanna Estep, Skylar Patridge, Kei Zama, Maria Frohlich, Joanna Estep, and Naomi Franquiz.

It's all capped off by a "must-read" introduction from legendary Marvel editor/writer Louise 'Weezie' Simonson.

"Who run the world? You already know. Celebrate the women of Marvel with an extravaganza of extraordinary talent! The future is female! Get in on the ground floor with this amazing assembly of writers and artists from all over entertainment," reads Marvel's solicitation for the one-shot. "... you’re sure to come away powered up and ready to slay – in high heels and boots alike."

(Image credit: Sara Pichelli (Marvel Comics))

Sara Pichelli has drawn Women of Marvel #1's cover, with variants planned by Maria Wolf, Peach Momoko, and Amanda Conner.

The 'Women of Marvel' branding is one Marvel has used for a decade with a hit podcast series, convention panels, and previous anthologies and collections - however, this would be the first Women of Marvel comic with an all-female roster of creators.

"I've always loved the Women of Marvel program for the way it opened the door – it said to women everywhere, this fandom is for you. There have always been powerful women in comics – and behind them, writing and drawing and editing and reading them – but spotlighting those characters, creators and fans felt like someone reaching out their hand," states editor Sarah Brunstad in Marvel's subsequent announcement. 

"So it's with great gratitude that I curated this special one-shot. The women in this special are powerhouse creators from all over the place; it's truly a celebration of Marvel Comics and a love letter to the women who paved the way."

"These stories are bold, bombastic and big-hearted in the best ways. I can't wait for people to read them and get a little glimpse of what the future of comics has in store."

Women of Marvel #1 goes on sale April 7.

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