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She-Hulk #1 variant cover by Artgerm harkens back to the John Byrne days

She-Hulk #1 variant cover
She-Hulk #1 variant cover (Image credit: Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau (Marvel Comics))

She-Hulk is going back into the spotlight and back to basics with a new ongoing title launching in January from writer Rainbow Rowell and artist Rogê Antônio. The title was first announced by name only in a group of "tentpole" series Marvel is planning, with Marvel now releasing details of the plot and creative team.

After several years as a more rage-fueled, monstrous incarnation of She-Hulk as part of the roster of the Avengers, Jennifer Walters is regaining some control over her Hulk form, and returning to her life as a Gamma-powered attorney at law, alongside being a superhero.

She-Hulk #1 cover by Jen Bartel (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

At the same time She-Hulk is returning to her classic status quo as the Hulk with the best balance of brains, brawn, and boldness, Marvel's announcement promises a "fresh new future" for Jennifer Walters, that will include run-ins with villains both old and new.

Perhaps that roster of villains She-Hulk will face will include her old rival Titania, who was once billed as the strongest woman in the Marvel Universe and who has lately been part of the Hulk-tracking Gamma Flight task force alongside her husband the Absorbing Man. Titania will be one of the villains of the upcoming Disney Plus She-Hulk show, played by Jameela Jamil opposite Tatiana Maslany's She-Hulk, so maybe she'll pop up here too.

"She-Hulk is the best of the best," series writer Rainbow Rowell states in the series announcement. "She's smart, she's funny - and she's really and truly heroic (all that and she has the best hair in comics). Jen has always been at the top of my Marvel wishlist, and I'm thrilled to be writing her next chapter."

She-Hulk #1 cover by Adam Hugjes (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

She-Hulk's return to her own title follows a period of transformation as a Hulk, which kicked off when she was gravely injured fighting Thanos at the start of 2016's Civil War II. Jennifer Walters' recovery from her injuries also resulted in her taking on a more brutal, savage, grey-skinned Hulk persona. Her powers have since evolved further as part of the Avengers, though she's maintained a more hulking, less articulate She-Hulk form.

Most recently, she was brainwashed and subverted by the Red Room as part of a plan to infiltrate and bring them down, turning her into a red She-Hulk. It seems her transformation back from this form will bring her full circle to her classic incarnation.

"I'm very excited and feel honored to be a part of this exciting new phase of She-Hulk," states series artist Rogê Antônio. "Working with Rainbow Rowell has been inspiring and it's amazing how she lets her passion for the character shine through on every page. I hope the fans have as much fun reading as I'm having illustrating these new adventures."

She-Hulk #1 cover and Sensational She-Hulk #43 cover (Image credit: Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau / John Byrne (Marvel Comics))

Prolific cover artist Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau has drawn a She-Hulk #1 variant cover that harkens back to arguably the character's most popular area: the John Byrne run. Specifically, Artgerm is photo-refining Byrne's Sensational She-Hulk #43 cover.

She-Hulk #1 goes on sale on January 12, with covers from Jen Bartel, Adam Hughes, and the aforementioned Artgerm. 

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